Fiddle Knoll Lamb Pricing
A young woman leans on the fence, next to the farmer, gazing at the
animals as they graze.  She asks the farmer, "Do you eat your
animals?"  Without lifting his eyes from the sheep, he nods and
replies "I do.  But I wonder, whose animals do you eat?"

Eating is something that we all do.  But what we decide to eat
matters.  Like you, we have decided to eat meat.  But the decision to
take another life to support ours is not a decision we have come to
easily.  In return, we have made a commitment to insure that every
animal on our farm matters.  It matters how they eat, it matters what
they eat, it matters who they spend their time with, it matters where
they spend that time, and in the end it matters how that life will end.  

Our business model will never make us monetarily rich.  But knowing
the kind of life our animals have lived is more meaningful to us.  We
love what we do and we are fortunate to be able to do it.  

If these things matter to you too, you can support our effort.  Our
model is a Pay What You Will (PWYW) model. You decide the value
of what we do.  This means that some will pay more and some will pay
less.  This may be unfamiliar to you, it certainly was to us.  So, we've
provided some price points for other farms that have products that
could be similar.

Seven Sons
Blue Bird Meadows Farm
Full Circle Organic
The Lavender Fleece

Once you decide what you'd like to pay, let us know!
Your satisfaction is our guarantee.