Located in the north central region of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan,
Fiddle Knoll Farm sits on what was once a dairy farm established in the
early 1900s by Finnish farmers.  Today, the farm is home to our flock
of sheep.  With our goal of being a self-sustaining grass-based farm, we
have reclaimed some of the pasture that was long-neglected and have
continued to maintain a field of hay that supplies our sheep with a
portion of their winter's rations.  Trained and certified as an Applied
Animal Behaviorist, Sue understands that raising animals in an
environment that promotes their physical and mental well-being is a
priority.  Putting the animals first allows us to create wholesome food
and fiber products for ourselves and our customers.  Our dogs are
another important part of our farm.  Without them we would not be
able to manage the sheep as effectively or efficiently.  We are grateful
for working dogs and support the initiatives of the American Border
Collie Association  (
ABCA) in protecting the breed as a working dog.

We welcome farm visits by appointment and look forward to visiting
with folks who share our love of sheep and dogs.  Feel free to
contact us!
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Mailing Address:  Fiddle Knoll Farm, N5167 Kuivinen Rd., Skandia, MI  49885
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