Why is natural better?

All of our sheep graze on pastures consisting of a
natural forage of mixed grasses and legumes and
are fed minimal grain. Lambs are born in late April
and early May and are always with their mothers in
the pasture until weaning at around 4 months old.
Our lambs are weaned at a slightly older age than
some farms because we feel that allowing a lamb
with its mother as long as possible promotes proper
physical and mental development. We sustain
high-quality pasture by practicing management
intensive grazing, and none of our pastures are
ever treated with pesticides or herbicides. Over the
long winters, we feed a hay consisting of alfalfa,
timothy, clover and brome harvested from our
field adjacent to our pastures.

What this means is a product that is all-natural  
What this means is healthy food.  Try it and we
think you'll agree, natural really
is better!

Why Local?

Buying local supports your neighbors who are
committed to providing quality products to the
community, allows you to know exactly where
your food comes from, and reduces the miles your
food has to travel to reach your plate.  Eating local
is a win-win situation.


Lamb usually becomes available in December and
is available while supplies last.  Reservations are
always a good idea and we'd be thrilled  to reserve a
lamb for you!  Please watch our website for more
information or
contact us anytime for more
Why lamb?

The question really should be "Why not?"
Almost all USA lamb cuts are graded prime,
price per pound is comparable to prime cut
beef, and the FDA classifies lamb as a 'lean'
meat, which means it has low levels of
saturated fat and cholesterol. It is here for
more information and some really great recipes
American Lamb.com)
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Fresh, Naturally Raised Lamb
Freezer Lamb Packages
Packages are available by the pound as half or whole orders.  Each package will contain the
following (although your order may contain a bit more or less so we can meet the target
weight).  Prices include USDA processing and vacuum packaging.
Half Lamb, 15 lbs.  
8 Rib chops
2 Loin chops
Bone-in Leg of lamb
7-8  lbs. Ground lamb
Whole Lamb, 30 lbs.
16 Rib chops
24 Loin chops
Bone-in Legs of lamb
2-14  lbs. Ground lamb

On-farm pickup or half and whole deliveries to Marquette
weekly.  Contact us for pickup location.
Individual Cuts
We often have individual cuts available year round.  You can choose from rib chops,
loins chops,
bone-in leg or ground lamb.